iPhone 美化更換主題教學

On January 25, 2008, in iPhone 美化界面, by iphone

iPhone 美化更換主題教學

iPhone 要美化 有2個軟件是必備的!

原文: http://iphone.i-bloog.com/read-54.html

  • SummerBoard
  • Customize

2個軟件均可在Installer 下載

Installer > System > SummerBoard

Installer > Utilites > Customize

SummerBoard:主要是更換桌面Wallpaper 軟件Icon 的圖示

Customize:主要是更換 小圖示 (如:Wifi, Carrier, 藍芽, Slide Bar.等等圖示) 、更換 字串(如:Slide to Unlock, Slide to Power off) 、改系統聲音、改變軟件排序,及震動設定。

安裝後重啟iPhone一次,可以開始美化你的iPhone :)



方法一: 在 Installer > Themes (SummerBoard) 安裝

方法二: 上網下載後解壓 把主題目錄 上傳到iPhone(可用WINSCP / PCsuite)

1.1.3以下:   /private/var/root/Library/SummerBoard/Themes/

1.1.3的話: /private/var/mobile/Library/SummerBoard/Themes 








開啟SummerBoard Theme > 選擇主題



方法一: 在 Installer > Themes (Customize) 安裝

方法二: 上網下載後解壓 把主題目錄 上傳到iPhone /private/var/root/Library/Customize



開啟Customize 選擇要變更的圖示 :)


 Customize + SummerBoard 的結合例子:

attachments/200801/6339743417.jpg attachments/200801/9781660293.jpg attachments/200801/0662941141.jpg




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72 Responses to “iPhone 美化更換主題教學”

  1. dee says:

    冇off 呀 我試過係summerboard 度install theme都係一d用到一d唔得 唔知點解會咁架??

  2. admin says:

    installer install的theme 就有可能是放錯了路徑用不到吧@@"

  3. dee says:

    只係轉到個背景icons就轉唔到 我係1.13用winscp入野

  4. admin says:

    我都係用winscp 囧

  5. 我是牛 says:

    想請問為何我那個for 1.1.3的summerboard…

    thxx soo much :)

  6. dee says:

    我終於知道點解用唔到theme啦 原來1.13裝theme位置係/var/mobile/Library/Summerboard/Themes/
    仲有想問下d 下載返黎既theme全部都係如果個電話個icon係中文名好似(電話)呢個icon係中文個icon就轉唔到 要個icon係英文名就好似(maps)咁樣原本係英文先用到 有冇辦法可以將d icon轉返做英文架?

  7. admin says:

    直接改返個 file name 就ok :)

  8. dee says:


  9. sam says:

    i don’t know why my summerboard, theme那裡甚麼都沒有, 連他本身的那幾個default theme 都沒有顯示….我是1.13 summerboard is version 3.2 ga…..
    pleaz help me.!!!!!!
    me install the fix ga la……..but nt happen still

  10. sam says:

    can u help me pleaz……really wanna have a nice springboard..

  11. iphone says:

    看看 theme 的目錄有沒有 theme吧

  12. sam says:

    yup…there is theme in the theme file ah….

  13. terence says:

    我用1.14的,我在pc suit中找到自己的theme,但不知為何在i-phone開了summer board之後,再click theme就咩都冇,真係頭都大埋,求仙人指路

  14. crazyemil says:

    我係用winscp入theme的, pc suite聽講好易死機,


  15. sam says:

    yeah..i have that problem toooooo… i am 1.13

  16. maggie says:

    :sad: i am so stipud….i don’t know how to set up wallpapper…themes….

  17. iphone says:

    Summer Board :)

  18. meisaisai says:


  19. iphone says:


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  21. frenee says:

    另外還想問上面講果個Installer > System > SummerBoard 個Installer係邊搵到的?我真的搞不懂,請恕在下愚昧,請高人指教.萬分感激!